Rajaji National Park & Rajaji Tiger Reserve
Rajaji National Park
Monkeys in Rajaji National Park Peacock In Rajaji National Park Spotted Deer In Rajaji National Park Sloth Bear in Rajaji National Park Leopards in Rajaji National park
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                                                  Information About Forest Department Of Uttarakhand

Scientific management of the forests north of Uttarakhand history began and where the scientific forestry. Mr. Dietrich Brandis was appointed as Inspector General of Forests in India , and then in year 1865 began the scientific management of forests.
British Rule forest were originally means of revenue, but it is certainly understandable that many forest officers were still the importance of conservation and wildlife conservation as well as revenue to the priorities. After independence in changing gradually changed in the direction of the management of forests and their management, biodiversity conservation, forest revenues, instead, the importance of soil and water conservation and environmental protection were given importance. In addition, in the context of Uttarakhand is considered necessary to Eco Tourism forests.
             In short, revenue management for chronic management of forest conservation and new management is facing. Uttarakhand is a forest-dominated state and 65 percent of the total geographic area is forest land. About 45 percent of the state is covered by trees. In most states in India, the percentage of forest land and green area is less than that. It's not just a matter of pride for the people of Uttarakhand but it also puts a responsibility on all of us that our forests are protected. For this reason, the people of Uttarakhand Forest Department also wants to include the management of forests and forest panchayat this purpose, Forest Development Agency (FDA) and has the support of joint forest management. As today is closer to the people of the state forest department was not seen in the past.

Structure of the Forest:

In brief as follows: A. The following departmental structure of the forest department staff are basically two areas: (1) directly engaged in the management of forest workers (Field staff) and (2) the employee to conduct offices (Office staff ). Forestry Administration, which is known as the smallest unit of beets is subject to a forest guard. Some beat differently and some section is formed by mixing together a section becomes a Range. One section is under the jurisdiction of Section Officer and range is under Ranger or Range Officer.
     One sub-division is made including some Ranges, provincial forest service officer is incharge of Sub Division and known as sub divisionla officer (forest ) . One of two or more sub-divisions, which together make up a forest division and headed by District Forest Officer an officer of Indian Forest Services.  Some forest divisions, which together formed a circle officer's level and Forests including some circles it is a system which consists of Chief Conservator of Forests officials. Department of Kumaon, Garhwal Mandal and wildlife conservation wildlife chief conservator of forests are state-level function. Special actions / plans for the control key on the implementation of the Additional Chief Conservator of Forests, subject to the Chief Conservator of Forests. Above all is the major forest conservator.

Wildlife Protected Areas in Uttarakhand

A. wildlife protected area is the area that the Wildlife Protection Act (Wildlife Protection Act-1972) declared a protected area by the government rules.. It consists of three categories are: (1) National Park (National Park), Animal Sanctuary (Wildlife Sanctuary) and conservation reserve (Conservation Reserve). Legally National Park is the most protection. Then animal conservation reserve at the end of kindergarten Ave.
There are 6 National Parks in Uttarakhand, 6 wildlife  sanctuaries and 2 Reserve Forests. most famous National Parks of Uttarakhand are Jim Corbett National Park & Rajaji National Park.

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