Tigers in Rajaji National Park
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Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Resorts In Rajaji Tiger Reserve :

Junglee Resort
Rajaji Park

Rajaji National Park is known for its different scenic beauty, the Rajaji National Park has been named after a famous freedom fighter Late. Shri Rajgopalachari, this area is spread over 830sq.km.  It is open for the visitors only from November to June, one can watch a herd of elephants, tiger searching its way in tall grass, leopard, jungle cats, Himalayn sambar, cheetal, monitor lizard, python langoor, hornbil, woodpecker, kingfishers oriola and moreIn winter a variety of intersting migratory birds come here to play in river Ganga, it flows through the park. there are around 24 species of mammals in Rajaji. Rajaji National Park gets pride in offering a enjoyable picnic place.  The Rajaji is amalgamated with three wild sanacturies: Rajaji, Chilla & Morichur, these sancturies mixed together in 1983 the combed sanctury known as Rajaji National Park.

Jungle Safaris in Rajaji national park is a fantastic experience, but as well as it needs a lots of patience for facing the wild appointments. We can reach there by bus it is obtainable for Dehradun & Haridwar from Delhi & Lucknow. During the Safari everyone can see many wild animals like panther, bear Asian elephants, king cobra, Spotted deer,Chital & Sambar. You can also enjoy many birds Species & different types of shrubs & trees The largest mammal elephant is also common during nature safari. The wild life jeep safaries & elephant Rides are around 35 K.m. The time of Wildlife Jeep Safari in Rajaji is between mid November & second week of June every year. There are so many hotels & tourist places around Rajaji National Park at Haridwar, Dehradun & Rishikesh which make it sufficient visit of the park.

Filling Your Stay - Things To Do In And Around Rajaji Tiger Reserve
Rajaji Tiger Reserve is rightfully known as one of the greatest attractions in India. Its incredible scenery and diverse range of wildlife put it right at the forefront of India’s natural draws. However, the park itself is just one of many things which people can do in this area.
The Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Rajaji Tiger Reserve is an incredible resource, and vital for the preservation of Indian wildlife. Lucky visitors can spot tigers, leopards, and even elephants among the mountains and forests. The Motichur Range, recently opened to tourists, is proving an enormous hit. Tourists are welcomed with open arms, and park employees and local people are well accustomed to dealing with things like exchange rates, foreign currency, and different languages. Tourists are a valuable aspect of the local economy, without which the park would be unable to do the good work that it does. Luckily, it does not seem like tourist interest in the park is going anywhere – it consistently remains an incredibly popular attraction. This year, a new jungle safari route is being opened, which will give visitors the opportunity to penetrate the park’s rainforest routes and witness close up the wildlife dwelling therein. Guided tours are available, and all tourists are advised to obtain tickets and permissions from the forest department office before entry into the park.
Natural Wonders

It should be noted that, while the park undoubtedly provides the best and most unspoiled landscapes to be had within the area, natural beauty is not limited to the park alone. The Ganges is an exceptionally beautiful river, and here it cuts through some incredible scenery which must be seen to be believed. The forests around Haridwar and Rishkesh are lush and verdant, and the variety of animal and bird life is simply wonderful. One can fill a happy day simply wandering by the river, or taking a stroll along a country path. About 3.5 km from Haridwar is Neel Dhari Pakshi Vihar – a famed birdwatching point beneath the Shivalik Hills. Thousands of avian species congregate at this tranquil and lovely spot each day. The area is serene and beautiful, and its human visitors love it almost as much as its migratory bird population! Rare Siberian cranes are often seen here during the winter, making it a place of pilgrimage for bird watchers. Buses run regularly from Haridwar to this Neel Dhari Pakshi Vihar. [ Text courtesy Sally ]

Information About Forest Department of Uttarakhand

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Rishkesh is known all over the world as the place to which the Beatles came to learn at the feet of their chosen guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This trip is known to have heavily influenced their look, their life philosophies, and their critically renowned album ‘The Beatles’ (also known as ‘The White Album’) Parts of the area are now, in consequence, something of a shrine to the Beatles, making this city an absolute must-visit for Fab Four fans. Like Haridwar, Rishkesh is also filled with a great many beautiful temples and sites of historical and cultural interest. However, visitors need not be limited to strictly cultural experiences. Those who wish to can undertake a thrilling bungy jump over the incredible Rishkesh landscape. Those with less of a yen for adrenaline could alternatively have a dip beneath the beautiful Patna Waterfall, or go rafting down the Ganges. The food and restaurants here are pretty good, too, and the townspeople are well accustomed to dealing with the needs of tourists!


Haridwar, not far from the park, provides ample opportunities for the discerning tourist to engage with Indian culture. Given its position on the banks of the Ganges, Haridwar is considered a very holy place indeed by many Hindus. Indeed, it is one of the seven holiest places in the Hindu religion, and is home to many ancient temples and holy sites of pilgrimage. Pilgrims can regularly be seen dipping themselves in the sacred river. Haridwar is known as a spiritual centre, so it is the place to come if you wish to learn more about Indian spirituality, and seek a little enlightenment. If yoga and meditation are your thing, then Haridwar is the place to visit. If, however, you just enjoy being in a wonderfully ancient, beautifully historic, but deeply alive place, then you could do a lot worse than spend an afternoon drinking in the unique atmosphere of Haridwar.

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